Since last time I wrote this things have been going really well with training – completed a 1/2 marathon which was supposed to be a training run but I got carried away with the event and pushed a bit to hard, but still great experience! Yesterday I entered the Mumbles Duathlon, which I really enjoyed; I didn’t go all out and took my time and just enjoyed it and used it as experience with transition etc! I felt really strong on the bike averaging around 15.5 miles per hour so I was quite happy with that.

We’ve been upping the running lately for the marathon next month, which I am doing the 20 miler in Llanelli next weekend so will be good experience as the furthest I’ve ran so far is 14.5 miles.

I’ve been really enjoying my training lately, the one thing again which I am struggling is I am always hungry and I feel I can’t stop eating or thinking about eating! I am eating good natural foods, vegetables, lots of fruit etc. but I am letting it down by eating cake and snacking on rubbish. My aim for April is really get to grips with this!

More to come soon!