We offer face to face or online coaching packages to suit your needs and ability.

Plan your goals, choose a time frame and set your needs with our coaching grid below. Then log into our online training diary for easy access to your workouts, contact to your coach and motivation from other athletes!

Sportive coaching starts with a Watt bike assessment session to gain in depth knowledge of training zones, Cadence zones and pedal technique, complete with report, which allows more effective and specific training.

Choose your sportive distance;

50, 75 or 100+ mailes

Choose your time frame; 12 months, 8 months, 6 months, 3 months

Nutrition ConsultationYesYesYes
Bespoke strength and conditioning programme based upon goalsYesYesYes
Bespoke strength and conditioning programme based upon goals & biomechanical analysisYes
1 PT Session per weekYes
2 PT Sessions per weekYes
Weekly check inYesYes
Bi weekly check inYes
Posture assessment & corrective exercise (Monthly)Yes
Watt Bike Fitness test ( Monthly)Yes


Posture Assessment & Corrective Exercises£40
Watt Bike Fitness Test£45
1 PT Session£25
Block of 5 PT Sessions£100
Block of 10 PT Sessions£190

Watt Bike