To us, customer satisfaction is everything. On this page, you can read what other athletes think about Pembrokeshire Active.

Kevin Wheeler, Haverfordwest. St Davids Duathalon

‘Hi Tom,

I am like a dog with 2 tails today: I picked up “First Male Veteran” this morning in St Davids Duathlon! … I was the fastest overall on the bike bar none. I finished 8th overall, beating all the veterans and super vets, hence I got upgraded a category.

Conditions were a bit grim, fine rain and 16-20mph winds which psychologically was an advantage – I just put it into my mind that nobody had been out in the crap weather as much as me and I was going to enjoy the final straight on the 487 into St Davids.

Thanks so much for all your coaching. It has and is still helping.’



Rob-Jones05Rob Jones, Kidwelly. First time doing Ironman Wales

‘I remember watching Ironman Wales last year thinking I want to do that’

‘My friends all told me that the key to IMW was the bike.Thinking of it it made sense as you spend the longest part of the day on the bike.’

‘There is a  saying in martial arts that when the student is ready the master shall appear.Today I met up with Tom Walker from Pembrokeshire Bikes. I wanted to cycle part of the route as I had no knowledge of the route.I met Tom at Pembs bikes and off we set.I was apprehensive as I had not been on the bike for sometime.I have a Felt AR 5 2013. I know the bike is up to the job but as for the rider!’

‘Tom quickly picked up that the way I was pedalling was not the best way for power and noted that when I was going up hill my upper body swayed from side to side again wasting energy that I would need.’

‘Wisemans Bridge….What a hill,I was determined to get up it without stopping. There was no way that I was going to let this hill beat me.I found out later that Tom had been filming me cycling up the hill. Through encouragement and expert advice I got up the hill.’

‘I cannot recommend that if you are serious about doing IMW or indeed a sprint or Olympic triathlon or indeed just enjoy a leisurely cycle. I would call into Pembs bikes and speak to Tom. The knowledge that he has on sport cycling surpasses his years. I know that I will keep on using Tom because I know that if I do not I will fail at the cycle in IMW.’ 

Thank again!

Rob Jones, Kidwelly.