I’m really looking forward to this year; Mallorca in February, The Tour of Pembrokeshire in April, The Santini Stelvio Gran Fondo in June, The Everest Challenge on Mid-Summer’s Day, Off The Beaten Track Pembrokeshire in October and The L’Eroica in Tuscanny, also in October.

Tom Walker’s set me a really enjoyable training plan, it’s achievable and it’s keeping me focused.  My cycle, if you’ll pardon the pun, begins with a 20 minute warm up followed by X3 10 minute efforts at FTP (functional threshold power) abbreviated by 5 minute recovery spins.  The Watt Bike in our Performance Suite is a boon if it’s chucking it down or I have a tight time schedule.

After a recovery day I have a 2.5 hour road ride.  If it’s dry I’ll take my Colnago Master-X Lite, otherwise it’s the Storck T.I.X. which has a reassuring feel, whatever the weather.

With another recovery day under my belt I have to perform three hill sessions climbing a 1 in 4 for 3/4 mile reducing my time by 10 seconds on each occasion.  It would be a lot easier and better for my cadence with a 12-29 cassette rather than the 11-25 I’m using.

I find my final session to be the hardest: X8 seriously tough (for me) 20 second reps on the rowing machine followed by X8, 20 second sprints running.  I do the latter on a stretch of road which has a very slight gradient and I cannot understand why I’m faster on the incline than the decline?

So, as I said, it’s an enjoyable programme, varied, tough and achievable.  I’m looking forward to the one young Tom will set next month which I know will get me even closer to achieving my personal targets.

If you’re interested in knowing about my diet, I just stick to one that I understand: the Palaeolithic or Caveman, it’s so easy to follow, if an item of food was here 40,000 years ago you ca eat it, and if it wasn’t you can’t!