A wheel upgrade is a great addition to a bike. Gain speed, reduce weight and don’t forget aesthetics.   You can regularly get up to 30-40% off online and if you keep your eyes peeled you can find the odd 50-55% deal.

We do understand price is important to our customers and we will price match where we see it to be fair, but below is a few things to keep in mind when buying wheels online.

  • Demo wheels.

Being a Mavic Premier Dealer we regularly let customers try out different wheels so they can learn how a climbing wheel feels different from an aero wheel, and decide what they really want. Just going by reviews and online forums is a risky business.

  • Fake and counterfit wheels.

At an Ironman event last year, we came across a fake pair of Zipp 808 wheels. The athlete had purchased them from an online company in Asia and was not aware they were fake. We decided to order a pair to test what the difference was. During the order process we were even asked what logo stickers we would like on the wheel! There are a lot of fake wheels currently circulating auction sites in the UK and we do have a set in store for people to come and see the difference.

  • Warranty and returns

A horror story we witnessed last year was from a customer who had bought his wheels from a European web shop. Unfortunately the customer needed a Shimano hub and it arrived with a Campagnolo one fitted. After noticing this, the customer tried to call the web shop. No answer and no contact back what so ever. He then spent the money he saved on a new hub and fitting labour. Buying wheels online from a big cycle superstore doesn’t necessarily mean they have the manufactures warranty. Every wheel we sell has a warranty scheme and we make sure your bike leaves with the wheels fitted and working correctly as part of every sale. Both Enve and Mavic have excellent crash replacement schemes too.

  • Convenience

Having the wheels delivered to your front door free of charge from a single click of the button is certainly simple. Then realising you need to fit tyres, tubes new brake blocks and a cassette is not. The simpler way could be to buy from your local bike shop and while your brand new wheels are getting fitted, sit back and enjoy a coffee and welsh cake while chatting to your favourite staff member.



Check out the great selection of wheels on offer at Pembrokeshire Bikes. You can even order online and have them fitted in store!